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#Gnarlicante's team favourite all terrain formula

Free test & Service: You slide, We make it more confortable.

Comfortable slides, smooth and predictable breaking in. We test in our products and looking for a superslider wheel we have found this FORMULA. We truly skate daily and our ride needs the most comfortable products, which is why we offer the best tested products around at our store. Not just downhillskateboarding, Gnarlicante COLABO wheels constantly adds new feeatures to your riding in your homespot with new break distances and grip in corners. Y ou can count on us, ask for it and test them COME AND VISIT.


BIG CORE makes he difference. Predictability and no-cone wastage are main features. You can feel the pavement on this Colabo OlsonHekmati Wheel.


To ride a 76a formula in SLIDE mode is just a good idea, easier and more comfortable slides, the wheel sounds smooth in the break poin. Perfect feelings for a half-long distances with some slides in between.


This mix makes the OlsonHekmati wheel the perfect partner for street cruiser where the control and predictability of the slide makes the difference between to crash that grandma’ or not.

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Need a fast delivery? May be free? No problem, Gnarlicante.com includes one of the best shipment service in the province of Alicante, also FREE. Our VAN is ready to travel to your area and deliver your order. The team will be there to rip some hills with you in the case you are interested.

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